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Beauty Expert Consulting at the New Well exhibition

Beauty Expert Consulting at the New Well exhibition
Beauty Expert Consulting at the New Well exhibition

Beauty Expert Consulting and The New Well exhibition: Transforming Paris with Wellness and Beauty

Last Monday, the 10th of June, Paris hosted The New Well fair, an exceptional event attracting wellness and beauty enthusiasts. Held in the heart of the city, this event showcased the latest trends and innovations.

A Dive into Wellness

Visitors were immersed in a calming and energizing atmosphere, with booths dedicated to meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and more.

Participants enjoyed yoga sessions, learned stress-reducing meditation techniques, and explored a variety of essential oils and natural products.

Embracing Natural Beauty

The fair highlighted natural and organic beauty products, with many brands launching their latest innovations. Attendees tested eco-friendly skincare and makeup, and learned skin-friendly techniques through demonstration workshops.

Inspiring Talks and Innovations

Experts and influencers held engaging conferences on balanced nutrition, alternative medicine, and the latest fitness trends. The fair also showcased technological innovations like health tracking apps and high-tech fitness tools, demonstrating how technology enhances our quality of life.

Beauty Expert's Highlight

Beauty Expert was a prominent participant, holding numerous meetings with emerging and indie brands. Their presence emphasized their commitment to partnering with innovative brands, providing a platform for new products and potential collaborations.


The New Well fair was a resounding success, bringing together a community passionate about wellness and natural beauty and we eagerly anticipate next year's edition !

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