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Launch of Flora Lab Paris at La Samaritaine

Updated: Mar 11

A New Chapter in Beauty Retail Experience

We are thrilled to announce a sparkling new milestone for BEC – the launch of the Flora Lab Paris corner at the iconic La Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf!

This marks a significant achievement, not just for us at Beauty Expert Consulting, but also for the visionary brands we represent. Flora Lab Paris is an emblem of innovation and beauty, mirroring our commitment to excellence and the deep passion we share for the beauty industry.

A Moment of Discovery

Entering the Flora Lab Paris space is akin to stepping into a sanctuary of beauty and emotion. Every product, every moment, and every experience has been meticulously crafted to ensure that visitors are enveloped in a world where beauty care transcends the ordinary, offering an oasis of emotional luxury.

Our Commitment to Tomorrow’s Brands

Our goal at BEC is clear-cut: to ensure the successful launch and continuous growth of tomorrow’s leading beauty brands. With each new venture, we reaffirm our dedication to providing unparalleled expertise and strategic market introductions for our clients.

Gratitude and Partnerships

Our achievements are fueled by trust and collaboration. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nikolina Kisic Mamic, Delphine HERVE TURRA, Aymeric Bourdoules, Laureen HUBERT, and the entire Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf team for their confidence in us.

It is through these strong partnerships that we can create success stories in the beauty industry, bringing innovative brands into the limelight and helping them flourish.

Join Us on This Journey

As we celebrate this new chapter, we invite you to explore the enchantment that is Flora Lab Paris at La Samaritaine. Together, let’s continue to redefine the boundaries of beauty retail and create experiences that resonate with elegance and emotional depth.

Stay tuned to our journey of beauty excellence and innovation!


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